NAPTOSA KZN Media Release: The Crucial Term

The third term is possibly the most crucial school term.  Learners return to school today to discover their performance of the first half of the school year.

Most secondary schools will today release the results of the exam written before the June vacation.  The results will provide learners and educators with the opportunity to reflect on the shortcomings and make amends.  The results is an indicator as to what type of remediation is required to address the weaknesses.

The third term is a revision term for grade 12 learners.  Most dedicated educators have completed the syllabus and will now change gear into revision mode.  Other grades will close on the syllabus at the end of this term.

Schools will eagerly await the appointments of personnel into management posts this term.  The last term witnessed the release of approximately one thousand, five hundred vacant posts to be filled this term and the beginning of the fourth term.

Consultation with the unions on teacher/pupil ratio begins in earnest this month and concludes in September.  NAPTOSA’s position on the ratio is the inclusion of the grade R as part of the pool of permanent educators.  The current contracts for the grade R educators denies them the right to all benefits that accrue to other educators.
The Minister for the Department of Basic Education has tabled her budget and we now await the tabling of the provincial budget.

The delivery of textbooks must become a priority for the second half of the school year.  The proposal by the HoD on the delivery of textbooks will initially be a challenge but, only time will tell whether it is the best model for delivery.

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