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Employer announces 2017 Salary increase of 7.3%

The Employer  announced today in the PSCBC that the salaries of public servants will increase on 1 April 2017 by 7.3%, in line with PSCBC Resolution 8 of 2015. The increase is made up of the projected CPI for the 2017/18 financial year (6.3%)+1%. According to the Employer the increase will be effected programmatically through the PERSAL system. Below are the DRAFT adjustment tables for 1 April 2017 reflecting 7.3% increase. 

pdf NF 3 of 2017 2017 Salary Increase Educators Lecturers Office Based Staff - 7 3% (366 KB)

pdf NF 4 of 2017 2017 Salary Increase PS Staff (216 KB)  

pdf NF 5 of 2017 Salary increase for therapists psychologists and counsellors (210 KB)


 Vacancy at NAPTOSA National Office: SAO Finance

Closing date: 28 March 2018.



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