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Grievances - Educators

The Grievance Procedure for Educators is described in Chapter G of the PAM

The following should be noted:

•    A formal grievance must be lodged within 90 calendar days from the date on which the alleged grievance occurred.
•    NAPTOSA may lodge a grievance on behalf of a member.
•    NAPTOSA may represent a member during any stage of the grievance procedure.
•    A grievance cannot be lodged in respect of a dismissal – an unfair dismissal dispute may be lodged with the ELRC.
•    If the aggrieved employee is dissatisfied with the outcome of the grievance procedure he/she may lodge a dispute with the ELRC.
•    If within 45 days from the date on which the grievance was lodged, the employer fails to render an outcome, a dispute may be referred to the ELRC
•    Whilst the dispute procedures of ELRC do not require the grievance procedure to have been invoked in the case of promotion, appointment and transfer disputes it is advisable to follow the grievance procedure as this will potentially allow the matter to be resolved internally.


Summary of the pdf Grievance Procedure for Educators (194 KB)