NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 5 of 2013: News from the Education Department & the Public Service

- Stand Up against Bullying- Gauteng Vacancy List- Register for CPTD with SACE- News from Education Department and the Public Service

NAPTOSA supports International STAND UP to Bullying Day- Celebrate a bully - free day on Friday ,31 January 2014.


Gauteng Vacancy List - The GDE has agreed to  publish an Erratum to the promotion  Post Vacancy List published a week ago.


Register for CPTD with SACE - Schools are required to register.


News from the Education Department & Public Service :

- From the DBE- The Minister is required, annually, to release the allocation of schools into quintiles in each province.

- From the Department of Public Service & Administration ( DPSA) - The DPSA has released a policy document entitled " Policy and Procedures on the managemnet of Sexual Harrasmnet in the Public Service".


Downlaod News Flash 5 of 2014