NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 2 of 2014: NSC Results

- Congratulations to the class of 2013- DBE withdrawal Circular S9/13- DBE Circular 11/2013- 2nd South African Basic Education Conference

Congratulations to the class of 2013

The release of the 2013 Matric results has resulted in the customary flood of articles expressing concern about the pass rate, the pass requirements, the retention rate of learners from grade 1 to 12, the selection of subjects etc. However, NAPTOSA believes that the education system is maturing but there remains much to be done.

The 2nd South AFrican Basic education Conference , to be held at Emperors Palace in Gauteng from 31 March -1 April

DBE Circulars - withdrawal of S9/13

                        - Notice of editorial changes S11/2013


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