NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 47 of 2013: End of year

Last Gasp - 2013- Infrastructure Norms and Standards for Public Schools- The ELRC during 2013- Professional Development Past , Present and FutureLooking forward to 2014

Last Gasp - 2013

The year 2013 is rapidly becoming the past.

Infrastructure Norms and Standards for Public Schools - NAPTOSA focused on two issues in its submission on the draft Regulations Relating to Minimum Uniform norms and Standards for Public Schools : timeframes and compliance.

The ELRC during 2013 - Sadly NAPTOSA must report that 2013 was not a productive year in the ELRC.

Professional Development - In 2013 more than 9000 teachers attended workshops and conferences offered by NAPTOSA Gauteng.

Looking Forward to 2014

- Watch for the NAPTOSA "Beginning of Year" Package.

- GDE Teacher Development in Gauteng.

- Term 1, 2014 Professional Development programmes already posted on the website.


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