NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 46 of 2013: DBE Curriculum Circulars

A number of Circulars have been issued by DBE, which impact on certain subjects at Grade 10 -12 level.These Circulars will be effective as of 2014

Curriculum Matters

DBE has issued a number of Circulars in the last few months which impacts on certain subjects at Grade 10 -12 level.

It is important to take  note of these since they will be effective for 2014.

- Circular S5/2013 : Clarification on the Grade 12 programme of Formal assessment in the Curriculum and Assessment Statement (CAPS) for implementation in January 2014.

- Circular S6/2013 : Updated content on the Domestic Tourism Growth Strategy (DTGS) to be studied as listed in the Tourism Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement.

- Circular S7/2013 : The structure of Grade 12 Business Studies Examination Paper.

- Circular S9/2013 : Standardisation of Software Tools to implement and Assess Computer  Applications Technology (CAT) and Information Technology (IT)

You may download copies of each of these Circulars from:

- The NAPTOSA website, - go to the professional menu item and then click on Circular.


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