NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 41 of 2013: Goverment Employees Pension Fund & Membership 2013

Rumours around the Government Employees Pension FundMembership update 2013

Government Employees Pension Fund

Members are referred to in earlier News Flash in which the Union alerts its members to rumours about the Pension Fund.  Specifically the totally erroneous rumour that after 2015 members will not receive their gratuities on retirement.  A statement which appeared on the GEPF website is reproduced to put aside any fears.


“It has come to our attention that an unfounded rumour is spreading regarding GEPF pension payments, that is, that there will be no lump sum benefits payable from the GEPF with effect from 2015. Please note that GEPF will continue to pay all benefits due to members leaving the Fund going forward, according to the Fund's rules. This means that those who are entitled to a once-off lump sum payment will receive this payment, while those entitled to a monthly pension over and above the once-off lump sum payment will receive this money.

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