NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash 15 of 2016: Survey on common exams; Recruitment drive & PAM

9 more school days to recruit new members (and earn something extra)
Thank you to all NAPTOSA members who have been recruiting new members the past two months!  There are, however, still many teachers and support staff members who are either not unionised or want to join another union. Why don’t you invite them to join NAPTOSA?
For your effort you will get R150 for each new member recruited. You will also be eligible for an additional R500 for every 5 or multiple of 5 new members recruited. This means that for 5 new members you will get an amount of R1250 (R750 + R500) and for 10 new members R2500 (R1500 + R1000).

Download pdf News Flash 15 of 2016 (182 KB)