Eastern Cape

NAPTOSA Eastern Cape News Flash 1 of 2014: Matric Results in Eastern Cape

As the new academic year gets underway, NAPTOSA is acutely aware of the enormous challenges faced by members in schools at the beginning of this year.

The provincial leadership under Mr Sithembiso Malusi extends its best wishes to all members for wisdom, stamina and inspiration to overcome these challenges.

Let’s make this a year of working with professionalism and dignity as we strive to improve the quality of education received by the learners in our charge.

 Congratulations to members (teachers from Grade R to Grade 12) and schools that contributed towards the success of Senior Certificate candidates and prepared them for the next phase of their lives. 


While the improvement in results is welcomed, the number of districts which underperform is still a major concern. The trend has been that districts where strong efforts have been made in one year fall back to mediocrity in the next year.  An investigation of these districts is therefore needed to determine why they cannot sustain the performance without being nursed by the provincial interventions. The outcome of this investigation cannot be a “one size fits all” approach, neither will an increase in administrative measures simply designed to gather statistics at the expense of teaching time do the trick.

The Minister is quoted as saying that the intervention team will remain in place until the province achieves a 70% pass rate. This team has however concentrated on the financial management of the Department. While sound financial management is important it is counterproductive when it is done at the expense of critical matters such as appointment of sufficient educators so that the curriculum can be constructively and meaningfully presented.




Members are alerted to the fact that SACE has launched its CPTD programme.  The phase-in of the long-expected CPTD Management System, which will record all appropriate in-service teacher development activities, has begun.  Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for quality teaching, and the CPTD system requires all educators to acquire 150 professional development points in every 3-year cycle.  SACE is in the process of accrediting providers (NAPTOSA is registered as a service provider and Naptosa (EC) is applying for approval of its professional development offerings).  


The CPTD cycles will be phased in – the first cycles are as below and thereafter every 3 years:


·      2014-2016 – Principals and Deputies

·      2015-2017 – HODs

·      2016-2018 – Teachers


All educators are required to sign up electronically for the CPTD system in the year preceding their first year in which they may accumulate points (see above)  Some Principals and Deputies have already been signed up, but the orientation and sign-up of the majority will have to register early next year.  School profile forms also have to be completed (manually).  PD points may be accumulated through teacher-, school- or externally initiated activities.  For more information on the CPTD system, download the CPTD brochure from the SACE or NAPTOSA websites.


HEALTH WARNING:  Although many courses, seminars and other activities offered by a wide range of bodies, including NAPTOSA, will advertise a certain number of CPTD points, ONLY Principals and Deputies will be able to accumulate these points next year.  Teachers and Heads of Department will not be allowed to accumulate points, yet!  Their CPTD points may only accumulate from the year in which the programme is extended to include them.


NAPTOSA Fees for 2014


The NAPTOSA Council meeting held in October 2013 approved the new NAPTOSA subscription fees for 2014.  These will be R73-20 per month effect from 1 January 2014.  The difference represents an increase of 7.6% over the 2013 fees.  This is in line with the Union’s decision to limit any increase to the general increase awarded to teachers during the year prior to implementation.  This will assist the Union in meeting the rate of inflation, provision of services and service to members.

PC DUMINY                                   PROVINCIAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER