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NAPTOSA Eastern Cape News Flash 2 of 2013 Matric Resuts - Congratulations

Matric Results - Congratulations


NAPTOSA congratulates the many learners and teachers of 2012 whose results led to the slight improvement in the performance of the Eastern Cape in the NSC examinations.  Although we have concerns about aspects of the results, this is not the time to express them.  We will do that at a later stage.  The Union firmly believes that, in extending congratulations to grade 12 teachers, we should never forget the sterling work done by every teacher who helped to mould the successful matriculants throughout their school careers.  We also recognise the planning and execution of the extra work programmes performed by our members. 


School Calendar for 2014


The School Calendar for 2014 was published by the Minister of Basic Education in Government Gazette 35929 of 3 December 2012.  A copy of the School Calendar for 2014 is printed below for your use.  You may also download a copy from the NAPTOSA website, www.naptosa.org.za.  Please note that only ONE calendar will apply for the whole country for public schools in 2014.







No. weeks

No. days

No. public holidays

Actual No. school days


(13) 15 January - 28 March


53 (55)


52 (54)


7 April - 27 June



5 + 3



21 July – 03 October






13 Oct – 10 (12) December


43 (45)


43 (45)




211 (215)

7 + 3

201 (205)


Public Holidays falling in school terms and School Holidays in 2014

 21 March 2014              Human Rights

18 April 2014                Good Friday

21 April 2014                Family Day

27 April 2014                Freedom Day

28 April 2014                Public Holiday

29 April 2014                School Holiday

30 April 2014                School Holiday

1 May 2014                   Workers Day

2 May 2014                   School Holiday

16 June 2014                Youth Day

9 Aug 2014                   Women’s Day

24 Sept 2014                 Heritage Day

Please note that the timetable constructed for 2014 is caused, at least in part, by the unusual situation caused by the dates for Easter and Freedom Day/Labour Day occurring in close proximity during 2014.  This has meant that to avoid a 2-day school week during the week beginning 28 April the decision was taken that all public schools will be closed for the entire week from 28 April to 2 May 2014.


Matric Marking Tariffs – 2012


Over the last year or so a dispute has raged between the unions and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) concerning the NSC marking tariffs. Briefly the facts are

Ø During 2011 an agreement was concluded in the ELRC which would have seen marking tariffs increase by 100%.

Ø The Minister published a set of tariffs which ignored this agreement;

Ø The Director General of the DBE signed the collective agreement within weeks of the published regulations.  Clearly these two documents were at odds with one another;

Ø At the end of 2011 it was finally agreed that while the dispute between the Unions and the DBE was being resolved, markers would be paid the 2010 rate plus the percentage increase for public servants in 2011.

Ø Similarly the tariff for 2012 was set at the 2010 rate plus the 2011 increase plus the 2012 increase.

Ø In the meantime we are in dispute with the DBE over the non-implementation of the Collective Agreement.  This matter will in all likelihood go to arbitration.