Eastern Cape

NAPTOSA Eastern Cape News Flash 21 of 2015: PSCBC Resolution 2 of 2015

Family Responsibility Leave (Clause 4 PSCBC Resolution 2 of 2015)


This clause introduces additional family responsibility leave of five (5) working days per calendar year for employees of children who have severe special needs.

  • A child with severe special needs is defined as a child who has a mental, emotional or physical disability, certified by a medical practitioner, which require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally.
  • A child means for this purpose the employee’s son or daughter of any age
  • If this type of family responsibility leave is exhausted, the employee may, subject to the approval of the Head of Department should apply for: 1. Available annual leave or 2 Up to 184 calendar days of unpaid leave

Implementation:     Effective from 20 May 2015.

Download pdf News Flash 21 of 2015 (295 KB)