Eastern Cape

NAPTOSA Eastern Cape News Flash 11 of 2015: Observers at Shortlisting and Interviews; Wage Negotiations and Other Issues


The union through the CTU ATU Secretariat appoints observers and issues a mandating letter and a reporting form. In city districts this is done through the PE or EL offices and in rural districts it is done through the Branch Committee.
i)    In the case of promotion posts (PL 2, 3 and 4) the policy is that the SGB invite is sent to the office/branch and the office/branch designates the observer.
ii)    In the case of PL 1 posts the site rep is the observer and the SGB invite is sent to the office or branch with the Reps name on it and the letter and report form is sent. HOWEVER, where local circumstances makes this impossible then the name of a nearby school rep should be provided.
The Observer then sends the report to the office/branch that issued the letter and form.

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