The 2021 FEDUSA Congress concluded on 6 December 2021 with the election of members of the executive and a number of key resolutions.

Members will be aware that this is the first year that NAPTOSA is a fully-fledged member of FEDUSA, having for the past couple of years aligned ourselves with the Federation without becoming a constituent member.

It was therefore a proud moment when Mr Basil Manuel, our Executive Director, was elected as Vice President: Education and Training Committee and thus became part of the leadership collective of FEDUSA. We congratulate Mr Manuel on this achievement, knowing that he will undoubtedly have a considerable influence on the views of FEDUSA, not only on education, but in general.

For NAPTOSA to already have this kind of impact in the Federation shows that our union is revered by many and able to hold more than its own on the bigger labour stage.

As far as the Resolutions of the Congress are concerned, the following were adopted:

Climate change
Adoption of a Climate Change Policy representing the Federation’s formal commitment to address the climate change crisis that has engulfed South Africa, the region, and the globe, at the same time ensuring that executable strategies are implemented to safeguard workers’ demands for justice during the transition to a low carbon economy.

Local procurement
Congress resolved that at least 70% of goods and services should be produced locally, not only to stimulate the economy but also to address the unemployment crisis facing our country, especially youth unemployment.

Human-centred economic recovery
Congress advocates for an economic recovery programme where employment and social protection policies work in tandem to improve people’s living standards and help them navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world of work. To this end, the Federation will encourage and campaign for all workers and South Africans to embrace government’s Vuma Vaccination Campaign.

Social protection
It was resolved to continue the advancement, influencing and fast tracking of social protection for all workers through the Comprehensive Social Security and Retirement Reform negotiation process in NEDLAC to ensure that unemployed and atypically employed persons enjoy cover from occupational based social insurance schemes.

4th Industrial Revolution
Congress resolved to prepare members strategically for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the digital economy by ensuring that all future collective bargaining processes factor in demands for training, upskilling, and reskilling in the new technologies.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Congress resolved that, because crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic occur without warning, it is vitally important for affiliated unions to regularly subject workplace OHS systems to robust capability and resilience tests while continuing to protect workers from the many existing OHS hazards and ensuring the continuity of economic activity. In this regard FEDUSA fully endorses government’s investigation into mandatory vaccinations, provided social partners are given an opportunity to input any decision.

It is clear that many issues confront labour. Through participation in FEDUSA, NAPTOSA will continue to make a contribution on these issues.

[ pdf Download NNF 59 of 2021 (159 KB) ]