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IMPORTANT: Before completing the relevant application forms, please familiarise yourself with NAPTOSA's   pdf Privacy Notice (293 KB) .

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Are you applying for New Membership?

Are you a retiring NAPTOSA member who wants to become an Associate Member?

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NAPTOSA Recruiter Submission form

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Membership subscriptions for 2022 is R107.70 (one hundred and seven rands and seventy cents) per member per month. This includes funeral cover up to the age of 70, provided you become an Associate member at retirement.

The 2022 annual membership fee for Associate members is R150.00 per annum payable in advance before the end of February of every year. This includes funeral cover up to the age of 70, (information obtainable from your provincial office).

The provisions of section 13(3) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995, shall apply in respect of the termination of membership of the union, namely:

  • three (3) months’ written notice to the union and the employer if the member works in the public service, and
  • one (1) month’s written notice to the union and the employer if the member does not work in the public service.

Where a member's subscriptions are in arrears, the member shall have three calendar months in which to pay the arrears, failing which membership shall be terminated by the Union.

In addition to the membership subscription a member shall also be liable for the payment in the same manner of such other fees as may be prescribed in terms of our Constitution or may be paid by the Union as a levy towards membership by the Union of a federation or any other organisation agreed to by the National Executive Committee.

A member shall be exempt from the payment of the aforesaid membership subscription in respect of any period during which the person is on unpaid leave for thirty or more days up to a maximum of six continuous months.