The National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa

NAPTOSA has lamented over time that the existing South African Basic Education Curriculum, does not cater for our diverse learner population. This is evident from the annual DBE School Realities statistics, which show that less than 50% of the learner cohort who start in Grade 1 end up in Grade 12. Hence, NAPTOSA embraces the Three Stream Model that is currently being piloted, as it caters for the entire learner population.

The Three Stream Model (TSM) is a concept (not yet policy) developed by the Department of Basic Education (DBE). The General Education Certificate (GEC) acquired at the end of Grade 9 will assist learners to choose appropriate pathways, be it academic, vocational, or occupational, (Three Streams Model) in the Further Education and Training Band (FET), mainstreams schools, TVET/CET institutions.

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