The National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa

FACT: The 21 working days for signing or not signing of a wage offer of 3% by Public Service Unions admitted at the Public Service Co-ordinating and Bargaining Council (PSCBC) lapsed on 28 September 2022 with no union appending their signatures because no draft agreement was tabled.

QUESTION: Does this mean the offer falls away?


QUESTION: What happens next?

ANSWER: Clause 17.10 of the PSCBC Constitution provides that:

(a) The General Secretary must –

(i) Prepare a draft resolution on the matter;

(ii) Within 21 working days of the council concluding on the matter, present the draft resolution for signature to the employer and the Chief Executive Officer (or his delegate) of each of the admitted trade unions;

(iii) If not signed within the period referred to in clause 17.10 (a)(ii) by sufficient parties to comply with clause 17.9, table the draft resolution at the next meeting of the council to confirm the parties’ position.

(b) If there is no majority support at the council meeting referred to in clause 17.10 (a)(ii) –

(i) The draft resolution falls away; or

(ii) The matter may, by decision of the council, be reopened for discussion or negotiation.

We expect the PSCBC to convene a Council meeting within the next few days to consider the draft resolution.

QUESTION: Is there a strike looming in the public service?

ANSWER: NAPTOSA is not aware of any union declaring its intention to strike. We have however noted reports of one union expressing such an intention in the press. This does not constitute the entire public service.

NAPTOSA will be meeting with other Public Sector Unions within the FEDUSA family tonight (29/09/2022) to consolidate their mandates. This meeting will be followed by a joint labour caucus with Unions affiliated to COSATU and others.

NAPTOSA will continue to keep you updated!

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