The National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa

Members will recall that during the early stages of the current wage negotiations a survey was conducted where most members indicated that they were in favour of a salary increase comprising the projected CPI PLUS 2% across the board.
Labour has subsequently met and have tabled their demands (as per previous communications). The employer took it back to their principals and returned with their offer.

During the negotiations Labour agreed to prioritise (Cost of Living Adjustment) COLA and demanded for a written confirmation from Treasury mandating the DPSA, at the commencement of negotiations. Labour demanded a 10% increase across the board, and that increases must be on the baseline (Pensionable).

It was however clear that any percentage increment without the protection of the current cash gratuity would disadvantage employees at lower salary levels.
The employer indicated that they had a budget of R20.5 billion and that they were willing to slice it in accordance with labour’s wishes......... (more)

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