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NAPTOSA President and Deputy President appointed as SACE Councillors


Mr Nkosiphedule Ntantala ( NAPTOSA President)  and Ms Gaylin Bowles (NAPTOSA Deputy President) have been appointed as SACE councillors.

"The SACE  Council consists of thirty members. They are from the Organised Profession (18), Department of Basic Education (5), National Associations representing School Governing Bodies (2), the Council for Higher Education (1), Council for Further Education and Training Institutions (1) and a National body representing Independent Schools. The Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) completes the Council.

The Council convenes at least three times a year and is the highest authority and decision maker for all policies of SACE. It consists of seven committees viz. the Professional Development Committee (PRODCO), Registration Committee (REGCO), Ethics Committee (ETHCOM), Advocacy and Communication (ADVOCCO), Audit Committee (AUDCO) Staffing Committee (STAFFCO) and Finance Committee (FINCO). The governance structure makes a provision for an Executive Committee (EXCO), which oversees policy implementation and administration".




 Government Gazette No 41750: Salary Scales for 2018 


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