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Workers' Day - 1 May 2017

NAPTOSA will celebrate with all South Africans in commemoration of Workers’ Day on the 1st of May 2017. As an officially recognised public holiday here and in many countries around the world, May Day or Workers’ Day, is honoured locally because of the role played by Trade Unions and other labour movements in the struggle for fair labour practices and the creation of better employment standards in the labour sector.
NAPTOSA has, through its legacy organisations, served education since 1904 and fought for the rights of educators by participating in many memorable nationwide strikes for better conditions of service for teachers. To this day, NAPTOSA plays an important leading role in both the Education Labour Relation Council (ELRC) and the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) through the Combined Trade Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (CTU-ATU) and the Independent Labour Caucus (ILC) respectively.

NAPTOSA members are also social activists. NAPTOSA is not silent when there are critical social issues affecting education in our country. When “Vuwani was burning”, and the Department of Basic Education failed to act on the non-delivery of learning and teaching support materials (LTSM) to Limpopo and the Eastern Cape Provinces, NAPTOSA was instrumental in ensuring that the authorities took steps to remedy these crises. Furthermore, NAPTOSA has raised its concern about, and implemented initiatives to eradicate bullying and school related gender-based violence in schools. NAPTOSA has raised other critical issues that adversely affect the quality of teaching and learning such as the scrapping of the Annual National Assessment (ANA) and its camouflaged replacements.

NAPTOSA wishes to encourage all teachers to celebrate Workers’ Day by remembering the importance of belonging to a Union, specifically one which makes its members proud of its achievements and professional standing; such as NAPTOSA. The ability and strength of NAPTOSA in raising many of the educational issues that South African teachers have to face, lies in its principle of remaining party politically non-aligned nor being philosophically constrained.
NAPTOSA will continue to bargain for better conditions of service for teachers, offer professional development of teachers and raise critical issues that hinder the delivery of quality education. To all teachers who wish to teach with dignity, join NAPTOSA, a home for professional educators in South Africa.
A Luta Continua. Vitoria é certa
[Meaning, "The struggle continues, victory is certain".]




 Government Gazette No 41750: Salary Scales for 2018 


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