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International Women's Day - A call for Women to Be Bold For Change

International Women’s Day: 8 March 2017
A woman’s place is in her union - for economic justice and empowerment

“#BeBoldForChange” is the official United Nations’ theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017.

In more than twenty years after the adoption of the most far –reaching internationally agreed instrument on women’s rights to date (the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action), education unions, women leaders and Educational International (EI) member organisations, including NAPTOSA, have ensured that gender equality issues remain a priority.
The statement, a woman’s place is in her union – for economic justice and empowerment calls on women to Be Bold For Change in 2017. 

This can be achieved, throughout the course of this year, by-
•raising women's visibility as spokespersons in the media on all education matters;
•driving fairer recognition and credit for women's contributions to education and Unionism;
•applauding social, economic, cultural and political women role models;
•celebrating women's journeys and the barriers overcome and
•showcasing women's successes throughout the course of this year.

The development of women leadership is high on NAPTOSA’s agenda, given that 70% of NAPTOSA members are women.  This majority unfortunately does not always translate into women in leadership positions. The theme for IWD 2017 should therefore be used as a driving force for NAPTOSA women to strive for greater women participation in union matters.
NAPTOSA calls on its women to be bold for change in 2017 and onwards.




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