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As yet another year draws to a close the leadership and management of NAPTOSA wishes you a peaceful end of 2016 and an exciting, yet restful, holiday and a new year full of exciting new ventures and challenges.
NAPTOSA concludes 2016 remembering its 10th Anniversary celebrations as a union. This seems so minute when compared to our history in Education of more than112 years.
This year heralded many changes. Basil Manuel was appointed Executive Director. NAPTOSA inaugurated our first female President, Dr Anthea Cereseto. This landmark presidency culminated at Congress with my election as President, Mr David Millar as Deputy President and Mrs Gaylin Bowles as Vice-president.
Sadly we take leave of NAPTOSA stalwarts in Mr Anthony Pierce and Mr Peter Duminy who retire at the end of this year.  We also bid farewell to Mr Gregory Masondo who left the NAPTOSA employ in October.

In education the ANA and Assessment Saga continued unabated.  The three stream model dominated staffroom discussions as we all looked for solutions for the children for whom school is academic punishment. Vuwani and the razing of almost 30 schools remain an ugly blot on our history as a young democracy as did incidents of racism in some schools. Our universities were rendered almost non-functional by widespread “#Fees must fall” protests.    
NAPTOSA faced many challenges in 2016, but, as always, also recorded many victories.  We have been served by hundreds of loyal members as national, provincial and branch leaders, shop stewards, school representatives, observers and more.  To all our members I wish to thank you for your support and commitment to our union.  We are indebted to you for giving of yourself and your time so willingly and generously.
We also acknowledge our faithful social partners in the DBE, ELRC, SACE, DHET and ETDP-SETA, Old Mutual, Metropolitan, Memp and Discovery. Your support to NAPTOSA makes serving our members a little easier.
To all our Christian members, we wish you a blessed Christmas. Happy holidays to all and a peaceful new year.  May 2017 bring you more joy and blessings.
Kind regards
6 December 2016


 Vacancies at NAPTOSA National Office

SAO Finance
Closing date: 28 March 2018.

Executive Officer: Labour
Closing date: 14 April 2018.



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