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NAPTOSA's response to the DBE "Sale of Posts" report released on Friday, 20 May 2016

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) released the above report by the MTT on the investigation of allegations into the selling of posts of educators by some members of teachers unions and departmental officials in the various provincial education departments. NAPTOSA engaged with the report and submitted its views on the report. The following captures the essence of the NAPTOSA submission.
At the outset NAPTOSA condemns all forms of corruption associated with appointments and promotions. NAPTOSA recorded its acknowledgement of the MTT for the effort put into investigating the vexing problem of posts for sale, inappropriate appointments and corruption within the Department of Basic Education (DBE)/Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) as a result of undue influence on processes by parties. NAPTOSA indicated its disappointment at the outcome of the MTT investigation, as NAPTOSA members have felt the brunt of these corrupt appointment processes. NAPTOSA is perturbed that the report takes a very negative view of unionism and unions to the point where it appears that a fair amount of union criticism has crept in, instead of clinical investigation and analysis of facts.

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