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Teachers across the world called to create the World's Largest Lesson




This week, EI joined global partners to launch the World’s Largest Lesson Plan, a project which began at the request of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is eager to popularise the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, to be launched in September.

The initiative is spearheaded by the UK-based Project Everyone, and led by well-known UK movie producer Richard Curtis, UNICEF, together with the Times Educational Supplement (TES Global) and EI.

This multilingual project has great potential to help our teachers educate future generations on the world’s most pressing issues, which is why I am asking you to join us in promoting the World’s Largest Lesson through your communication outreach channels. The project website, which includes a wonderful video featuring footage from EI’s “A Day in the Life” documentary, can be easily shared on social media.


As a global project, educators and schools all over the world are invited to develop lesson plan concepts based on one or more of the new Post- 2105 Sustainable Development Goals. Once uploaded, all lesson plans can be viewed, shared and rated by peers on the TES lesson plan platform, used by millions of educators around the world. The top rated plan from each of the five global regions will be crowned a winner. The winning classroom, teacher, or school will be celebrated at the 7th World Congress in Ottawa.

Learn more about the World’s Largest Lesson Plan here.

For EI, this project shines a light on both the importance of educators, our extensive Post-2015 advocacy work, and also improves our chances of having the UN Secretary General attend Congress if the project sees a wonderful response.

Lesson plan submissions can be uploaded until the 17 April, so don’t hesitate to start spreading the word.
Join us in promoting the World’s Largest Lesson.





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