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NAPTOSA INsight Volume 8 Issue 2 September 2014

NAPTOSA INsight Volume 8 Issue 2 September  2014 edition now available online.

 A word or more from the editor of Insight Magazine – what makes any School a Quality School?

Dear friends of the NAPTOSA family

What makes any school a Quality school?  The narrow view might be that it has all the physical and human resources. Such a school would have well qualified staff; there would be an abundance of sports fields and, of course, facilities such as art, computer and music rooms. Add in the grass turf cricket pitches, IT centre and the swimming pool.
Yet the things that really count in a Quality school often can’t be counted.  They cannot be seen with the naked eye; they cannot be measured.  The school might even be poorly resourced.  It could lack enough teaching equipment to ideally deal with all the curriculum subjects.  There could be no sports fields.  However, that same school could still be of undoubted Quality.
All Quality schools have as single common factor.  They have core values by which the learners, teachers and the parent community interact with each other.  The staff teach not only the curriculum but crucially, lifelong values. 
When the end-of-lessons bell rings in a Quality school, the teaching doesn’t stop.  The afternoon and evening extramural activities are used to help children learn values such as courage, determination, humility, self-discipline and sportsmanship. 
NAPTOSA is a union admired as a principled one, a union that makes decisions based on what is in the best interests of the children.  Values are at the very heart of NAPTOSA.  In December we bid farewell to two beloved and iconic leaders.  Mike Myburg and Helene Sieborger.  Tributes are penned in this issue.

 In this issue read about:

* Farewell to two beloved iconic pillars of NAPTOSA

* Putting values into education
* Homework - Parent vs child

* Nationwide NAPTOSA News
* . . and much more

The latest edition of NAPTOSA INsight has been published by the Union.  

This e-magazine appears on the NAPTOSA website's homepage.  Members are encouraged to read it online or download a pdf copy.