Minister proposes changes to the Regulations on Conduct of NSC Examinations

In a Government Gazette dated 18 June 2014 (GG No 37753 and GG 37754) the Minister of Basic Education, in terms of the South African Schools Act and the National Education Policy Act, published draft amendments to three of the regulations pertaining to the Conduct, Administration and Management of the National Senior Certificate Examination. She has called for comment of these draft amendments

GDE preparing a Booklet on Assessment, Moderation, Recording and Reporting

The Chairperson, Mr Tinus du Preez, and the members of the Executive Committee wish you a peaceful rest during this June/July vacation. It has been a hectic term for most teachers and support staff with the pressure of the curriculum, assessments (including examinations) and extramural activities.

You deserve this period of recuperation!

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