National Policy for determining School Calendars for Public Schools published

The Minister of Basic Education published the National Policy for Determining School Calendars for Public Schools in South Africa in Government Gazette No 38330, dated 30 January 2015. The purpose of the policy is to regulate how the department must determine school calendars for public schools.

The policy establishes the principles, which must be taken into account and the specifications according to which the school calendar must be determined. The latter includes, inter alia, the number of school days per year (approximately 200); number of school terms (4); length of terms; duration of school holidays, days for administration and planning; religious holidays (conditions for closing a school for religious commemorations) and sporting and cultural days.

- Re-appointment of teachers resigning and reentering the system: communique from the HOD to all principals and chairpersons of SGBs
- Twinning of schools: Notice ofintention to vest the governance oftwo or more public schools in a single governing body in Gauteng Province

pdf Download GP NF 10 of 2015 twinning of schools, policy for determining school calendars, reappointment of teachers who resigned (91 KB)

pdf Aflaai GP NF 10 van 2015 Afparing van skole, beleid oor hoe skoolkalenders bepaal word en heraanstelling van onderwysers wat bedank (91 KB)