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NAPTOSA members and website followers can now navigate the new website with greater ease. The website is well structured, compact and looks good on any platform be it an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop. Favourite pages include: INsight, a picture Gallery, Labour and guidelines on how to join NAPTOSA.  

The new site features enhanced navigation with fewer icons and clicks required. This has not compromised the quality of the content that members are accustomed to.

NAPTOSA‘s web content can also be accessed through the NAPTOSA Communicator which will be officially launched soon. 

Members can download the Communicator to access the latest NAPTOSA news on their smartphones as it happens.

If you have not downloaded the NAPTOSA Communicator yet. Click here to register and be part of the new exciting communication channel from your Union, NAPTOSA.



By being a member of NAPTOSA you automatically qualify for Multiply Starter at NO ADDITIONAL COST to your monthly NAPTOSA membership fee.

Multiply is a wellness and rewards programme that helps you to understand, track and improve your wellness and Multiply rewards you for participating in activities that promote your financial and physical wellness so that you can live life to the fullest.

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NAPTOSA INsight Volume 11 Issue 1, April 2017  now published



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