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Today I want to remind you how powerful you are and encourage you to be the best Naptosa teacher in the country. I want you to create a statement in which you affirm this vision of yourself as a powerful agent despite a system that may be ailing.
You are the hands, feet, ears, eyes and voice of Naptosa in the KwaZuluNatal. Naptosa is not an office in Pretoria or Durban, YOU are Naptosa.
Have you seen the Pam Golding television advertisement I am Pam, I am Pam etc.?  Let’s pretend we are making an advertisement. On the count of three, let’s altogether say: “I am Naptosa”.
And I am Anthea Cereseto. I have the honour and privilege of being the Naptosa President.
Your conference theme: “Naptosa ponders: Is the system ailing?” is provocative and does indeed require thinking.

It prompts me to ask two questions:
1.Who or what is the system that we are talking about?
2.What is meant by ailing?

 NAPTOSA President addresses KNZ Conference 2016


 NAPTOSA welcomes the 2016 NSC results

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