NAPTOSA Gauteng News Flash no. 29 of 2013 :Nelson Mandela Day & Pension Redress

Celebrate Nelson Mandela Day - 18 July 2013 " Take Action, Inspire Change, Make Every Day a Mandela Day"

Nelson Mandela Day - 18 July 2013

The theme for this year is " Take Action, Inspire Change, Make  Every Day a Mandela Day


Is this Severance Package for Real ?

- Over the last couple of weeks the media has reported extensively on remarks made by the Director General of the Department of Basic Education concerning a proposed severance package for "older" teachers.

- NAPTOSA would never agree to any severance package which would result in experienced teachers leaving public education.


What  news of Pension Redress ?

- More than 130,000 applications were received by the PSCBC

- These have been captured onto a database

- The GEPF is verifying the data

- The next steps involving calculating the payouts for women who qualify


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