Eastern Cape

NAPTOSA Eastern Cape News Flash 12 of 2013


The Go-Slow is over


News reports last week indicated that the Minister and SADTU have declared peace.  It is not NAPTOSA’s place to comment on the terms of the settlement where these were purely areas of contestation between SADTU and the Minister, however NAPTOSA alerts members to two matters that are of integral concern:

ü Matric Markers’ fees and collective agreements:  NAPTOSA has been part of the legal action against the Minister over her, and the DBE, non-implementation and subsequent withdrawal from the collective agreement on the increase in Markers’ Fees.  We remain committed to the legal course which will see us in court in August if an agreement is not found before then.

ü Parity in notch increases: One of the statements being made is that the gap between teachers’ salary notches will increase from 1% to 1,5% and that this adjustment will be back-dated to 2009.  The State is apparently prepared to change the notches for teachers to 1,5% instead of the current 1%.  However there is no indication that this would be backdated.   Here are the facts.

o    NAPTOSA has consistently urged that the notches for teachers should be the equivalent of 1,5% per year.  This is ever since 2008 when the OSD Framework agreement was signed in the ELRC. That agreement provided for salary progression (linked to the IQMS) of 3 notches (1% per notch) for each year for “satisfactory” performance. Three notches every two years is equal to 1,5% per year. Plus, that agreement included accelerated progression of 6 notches for “above average” performance and 9 notches for “outstanding” performance every two years.

o    In 2009, the Employer and part of Labour signed away the 2008 agreement and replaced it with one notch (1%) per annum for “satisfactory” performance and scrapped accelerated progression. We (and the rest of CTU-ATU) did NOT sign this agreement.

o    If the 1,5% notches for teachers becomes a reality, and we will press for this to happen, we will still not have accelerated progression which would have rewarded the good and outstanding teachers. In terms of the 2009 agreement teachers, regardless of how good/outstanding their performance, have progressed only five notches of 1% (and some with long service received the once off “recognition of experience”). Calculate what you would have received over the past 4 years.




GEPF and Statements of Value


The GEPF is currently issuing statements to members of the fund (a member is a person employed by the state who makes contributions to the GEPF) reflecting various values that the member would be entitled to in the event of certain events (eg retirement, resignation, death etc). We have checked a number of these and wish to advise NAPTOSA members (both teachers and PS staff) that:

Ø In many cases the GEPF statements do not reflect the correct date of admission to the pension fund.  Members are urged not to worry unduly about this.  Upon either resignation or retirement the education department carefully audits your employment records and submits the correct date of admission to the pension fund to the GEPF together with any period of service that you bought back.

Ø Some calculations appear to be based on formulae that have been subsequently changed.  Members are advised that any calculations that need to take place when your service is terminated will be carefully performed by the GEPF according to the Law and the latest regulations.